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افتراضي السيدة هدى السراري عاشر امرأة في قائمة النساء الاكثر تأثيراً في العالم العربي

السيدة هدى السراري عاشر امرأة في قائمة النساء الاكثر تأثيراً في العالم العربي.

The 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab World 2019
Huda El-Sarari

Company: 218 TV
Designation: Founder
Country: Libya

Libya’s second civil war in 2014 saw the majority of news outlets heavily report on the conflict’s most heart-wrenching events, but journalist and poet Huda El Sarari wanted to report on Libya’s untold story – of a culturally-rich North African nation housed a people determined to lead fulfilled lives in the midst of a brutal war. That’s how the self-taught Libyan journalist and poet turned the channels under her Arabic language media group 218 TV into some of the country’s most watched.
The Amman-headquartered company, launched in 2014, began with a single news that offers a range of entertaintment programs, documentaries, sports, arts and civil society shows revolving around the daily life of the Arab-Libyan citizen. In 2017, under El-Sarari’s leadership, it launched 218 News, a channel specialising in breaking and political news. El-Sarari also oversees a sports platform Rimessa which covers Libyan and international sports news.

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