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Sweet Witch
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Exclamation the ___defination____ in ____drama___

the defination in drama
romance: it`s a love story not like every day life but concerned with a world in which love ,beauty and adventure are the most important things so
the importance of being earnest is romance play

farce: a comedy , often with ridiculous plot which could not possible be true .this play is farce

melodrama: it could be a play or story in which the events and feeling are carefully over done to be as exiting as possible.
the play has melodrama

comedy of manners: it is satiric or critical which was popular in 17 and 18 century it is a satire the fiction and manners of artificial society.
characterized brilliant wit ,humor and by rapid action also the forth writer use language which often degenerated in to bad test


تم حذف كافة تواقيع الأعضاء من قبل إدارة الرس اكس بي ونامل منكم مراجعة قوانين المنتدى قبل إعادة بناء توقيعك وشكراً

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:"-.._ sweet witch _..-":
عوافي أختي
و بالتوفيق للجميع
.. _______________ ..


لا سلطة لي على قلبي هو ينبض لمن أراد ،،

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